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*Pronounced “Bo,” like the boy’s name, and “Sue,” like the girl’s name.

What began as the launch of one of the most innovative products the fitness industry has ever seen turned out to be just the start of a journey that continues to expand, shape and define functional training.

Invented by David Weck, the BOSU® Balance Trainer debuted in 2000 and quickly became one of the most successful fitness training products in the world. Originally the name “BOSU” was an acronym for “Both Sides Up.” It meant that the BOSU® Balance Trainer could be used on either side, the dome or the platform.

Today, the term “BOSU” has evolved beyond the product to now mean “Both Sides Utilized,” a mindful approach to exercise that is a step beyond traditional training. This clarity of who we are and what we want to offer inspired the development of additional BOSU® products and programming, all of which are grounded in exercise science and proven in real-life application.

BOSU® Training is about expanding movement capabilities, reshaping bodies and strengthening minds. It’s about inserting thought into movement. It’s about asking our clients, fitness students and athletes to be physically involved, but to also be present and fully engaged in the training process.

It doesn’t matter if you’re facing the toughest competition of your athletic career, looking to return to a fitter you, or just starting out. BOSU® Training can see you through it all with new challenges and exercise progressions always just around the corner.

GoFit Accessories
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Take the hassle out of getting Fit! Imagine getting in the best shape of your life without signing a corporate contract, without having to wait for a machine at the gym, or without havit to leave the comfort of your own home. GoFit makes getting in shape convenient by bringing FITness to you!

Hoist Fitness
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The compact design of Hoist's consumer products require minimal floor space, allowing you to move efficiently from one exercise to the next… so you can focus more on your workout. True innovation in strength training effectively combines superior biomechanics with FUN to create an unforgettable movement experience.

Inspire Home Fitness
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Inspire Fitness and Health In Motion has been developing, manufacturing, and distributing fitness equipment for over 25 years. When Inspire develops a product, they focus on 4 main areas: Innovation, Quality, Biomechanics, & Aesthetics. With top quality a must in all areas, Inspire Fitness continues to develop the best fitness equipment for you to put in your home. Be inspired to find your perfect workout.

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An understanding of cycling is what makes LeMond Fitness products great. At LeMond Fitness, Greg Lemond's passion for cycling drives the design of every bike training product they produce. Understanding what makes a great bike tick and incorporating the cycling fundamentals of fit, geometry, inertia, and resistance make all the difference in producing the industry's best bike trainers and indoor exercise bikes.

LifeCore Fitness
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LifeCORE Fitness began as a specialty fitness retailer in the early 90's, but shortly discovered there was a high demand for products that just weren't available in the fitness marketplace - high quality, compact products that were priced right. LifeCORE developed a line of fitness products that will fit into your life while also keeping you and your wallet fit. LifeCORE is proud to bring you these award-winning ellipticals and exercise bikes, many carring Best Buy ratings from major publications.

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Since 2003, Octane Fitness has won 48 Best Buy awards from consumer magazines and trade publications. Fueled by relentless passion to offer the best ellitpical machines loaded with unique features, Octane delivers comfortale, motivating, efficient, and effective workouts that give you the results you seek.

Only Octane offers:

  • Sit or Stand Choose a traditional standing elliptical or xRide, the industry's first seated elliptical
  • CROSS CIRCUIT+ or standing ellitpicals Ultimate timesaver with combined cardio and strength
  • PowerStroke Technology on the xRide Stimulates 343% more glute activity and burns 23% more calories compared to a rcumbent bike
  • Customizable Program Deliver you workout, Your Way

Bottom Line: If you want the best, you want Octane

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Precor designs and builds premium fitness equipment for effective workouts that feel smooth & natural. Precor Equipment is choses by health clubs, hotels & spas, and universities, and now they're available for you in your own house!

For nearly 3 decades, Precor has driven fitness forward with a passionate focus on ergonomic motion, proven science, and superior engineering. Precor constantly studies and anticipates the needs of the people and organizations they serve, and continually redefine the levels of innovation, quality, and service necessary to deliver the very best fitness experiences - all with the goal of improving the ways people improve themselves.

True Fitness
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True Fitness' treadmills, total-body elliptical trainers and exercise bikes are designed to keep you engaged for the long haul. TRUE workout innovations like Cario 360™, Heart Rate Planner, HRC Cruise Control™, and Soft Select™ allow you to achieve the maximum fitness benefit from you investment in a healthier lifestyle. True stands behind their premium cardio fitness equipment with robust warranties so you can focus more on your workout.