Facts That Fit Your Fitness
You Inspire Us!
What differentiates us from other stores and online sites that sell treadmills, ellipticals, home gyms and other fitness products?
Is it the best product the fitness industry offers, from Precor to Octane to True Fitness or Hoist Fitness Products? Sure that’s a part of the equation…
Is it the conveniently located, spacious and comfortable showrooms with over a dozen treadmills, ellipitcals, bikes and other products ready to try and experiment with? We certainly take pride in our fitness showrooms and all they have to offer, but…
Is it our professional staff, manufacturer-trained, degreed in subjects such as exercise science, kinesiology and nutrition and passionate about their own fitness and what is new in our industry? You’re getting closer….
At the end of our day, the real reason behind our success is you – your fitness goals and your aspirations for a healthy lifestyle. All those things listed above, from quality equipment to clean and well equipped stores, to passionate fitness experts, work towards providing you the best resources in helping you succeed in living a healthy and fulfilling life! Because when you succeed, you inspire us to help you move on to your next goal and help others do the same thing.