Facts That Fit Your Fitness
Why working out at home works for me

All of my adult life, I have always belonged to a gym. It was a security blanket for me. If I belong to a gym, I technically workout right?


That’s not exactly how that works. Sure I worked out, but not as often as I should have. I would get random motivations that lasted a few months but were not sustainable. There were always persuasive excuses that won the going to the gym battle; too far away, too nice out, too cold, too tired and so on. I was never insecure about my weight, but always was in the mindset I could loose a few pounds and improve my strength etc.. I then joined a group based workout studio. Although I enjoyed the challenging workouts for about a year, it was getting harder and harder to maintain my attendance due to the class schedules, and how late I was constantly eating dinner (because doing a HIIT workout and eating before hand is a recipe for disaster). I was missing out on either my workouts or social attendances due to my workouts- It was a constant battle for me, and an unrealistic lifestyle to keep up with.


After some contemplation, I decided to invest in an elliptical (Octane Fitness Q37xi) and a few fitness accessories and created my own home gym. It honestly was the best fitness decision that I have made. I have gotten into a daily routine, which is realistic to me and does not force me to make compromises. I never miss my workouts, especially since making excuses is much harder now. My commute time is just a few steps into my guest bedroom. I can blare music as loud as I want to, catch up on my Netflix shows, or workout in peace and quiet AND have access to a clean shower. And another bonus? I have lost more weight in the few months that I have had the elliptical than the entire time I “belonged” to gyms.


Weather you like to run, walk, lift weights, bike there is plenty to choose from equipment wise. You can't beat the convenience of having a “gym” in the comfort of your own home. Ask yourself what is realistic to you. Overcoming barriers in fitness is the hardest part of weight loss. Overcome your barriers by simply eliminating them. You will see what a difference that will make in your life and fitness goals!