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What Home Exercise Equipment Should I Buy?


Are you drowning in a sea of information regarding the ideal fitness equipment and routines for your exercise regimen? There are a lot of factors to consider when choosing exercise equipment for your home; do you choose the machine that burns the most calories or the one that is easiest on your joints?


Here is a quick guide that will help you choose the perfect home exercise equipment:



Of the cardiovascular machines available, treadmills lead the pack in calorie burning.  Treadmills are also great in their ability to be highly customizable, allowing for anywhere from a brisk walk to a marathon sprint.  On average, though, you can expect to burn around 100 calories per mile on a treadmill, but it might not be the best choice for those who are prone to back and knee pain.


Elliptical Machines

If you’re concerned about your sensitive joints, but still want to quickly burn a large amount of calories, you might want to consider an elliptical machine. With the elliptical machine, you’re using a significant amount of muscle, and the number of calories you can burn is very similar to the treadmill, but it’s considerably easier on the joints.


Stationary Bikes

Stationary bikes are great for those who need a very low impact workout.  The strain on the knees and other joints is minimal on a stationary bike.  The tradeoff—it also burns the least calories: only around 100 for every for 4 miles.


Rowing Machines

If you want to build muscle, while also getting a great cardiovascular workout and improving your coordination, the rowing machine is the choice for you.  Be careful though, as it’s often found to be uncomfortable and difficult for those who are overweight or have back problems.


While these are the most popular choices in home exercise equipment, there are a wealth of other options to choose from. Most experts agree: the best machine for your home is the one you’re most likely to use.  


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