Facts That Fit Your Fitness
Weekly Workouts

Benefits of the BOSU

The BOSU trainer looks like half an exercise ball with a rigid plastic base. The Bosu does a good job making easy exercises more challenging- an example would be if you can do pushups, lunges or squats with good form, try doing them on the BOSU trainer – you will find yourself working harder. Click on the link below to get 10 full body BOSU ball exercises!

Mark: 2013-09-26

5 - 15 - 50 Workout

Perform the following 5 exercises in a circuit. Set your interval timer for 15 sec. work followed by 15 sec. Rest. Do 50 sets.
  1. Pull ups
  2. KB Goblet Squats
  3. TRX or plyo push ups
  4. KB 2 arm swings
  5. AB wheel roll outs
This fun efficient workout only takes 25 minutes but I guarantee it will get your HR up and your muscles pumped. It is also easy to change around and substitute different exercises in order to keep it interesting.

Eric: 2013-08-19

Body Weight Workout

Each exercise is performed for 30 seconds with a 30 second rest and repeated a total of 3 times:
  1. Planks
  2. superman
  3. donkey kicks
  4. Mountain climbers
  5. Air squats
  6. Spilt squats/lunges.

Mark: 2013-08-13

Hot Work Out

Back in the Pit
  1. 50 squats
  2. 50 jumping jacks
  3. 50 mountain climbers
  4. 50 push-ups
  5. 50 crunches