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Steps to Keeping Your Fitness Resolutions

Unfortunately, the vast majority of fitness resolutions that people make go unfulfilled. Few of us are lucky enough to genuinely enjoy an hour running on a treadmill or swimming laps. Most of us need to get disciplined to stick to our exercise plans.

However, perhaps we should be focusing more on planning than on getting disciplined. It's easier to stick to fitness resolutions when you take a look at the big picture and consider what habits and practices you can embrace that will be most likely to lead to fitness success.

The following are four great steps you can take that maximize the likelihood that you'll stick to your fitness plans:

  1. Write things down- The best way to create a practical workout regime is to think details through and lay out a detailed plan on paper. This way, you can consider all the resources available to you and examine your schedule for breaks that will be good for exercise sessions. When you write things down, you can also clearly set out intermediate goals to pursue.
  2. Don't overdo it- Many proposed fitness resolutions don't work out because they're just not realistic. If you overdo it and burn out right away, you're not going to get too far. Work yourself into your exercise routine gradually for best results.
  3. Exercise with friends- Most people are more successful with fitness resolutions when they make them and achieve them in a social environment that encourages participation, collaboration, and competition.
  4. Work exercise into your busy schedule- You don't have to be at the gym in your sweats to get a workout. You can work some exercise into your work day by parking a distance away from your building or by taking the steps instead of the elevator.

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