Facts That Fit Your Fitness
Recipe for disaster?
Do you remember as a kid playing freeze tag, or street hockey with all of the neighborhood kids, or maybe even climbing a tree. Your parents had a tough time getting you inside. Weather you knew it at the time or not you were getting your physical activity in.
‬‬‬Fast forward to 2014, our culture increasingly values sedentary lifestyles. Computer technology has grown tremendously filling the kids recreation time through video games, the internet or TV and movies.
‬‬‬A recent study that was presented at the American Heart Association’s Scientific Sessions 2013 revealed that modern kids have approximately 15 percent less cardiovascular fitness than their parents did as children. The American Heart Association stated that this is a very alarming inclination ad may suggest “poorer health for tomorrows adults.”
‬‬‬What is the solution? Simple- model an active lifestyle. Kids are brilliant imitators. If they see you as a parent being excited about fitness, they are more apt to mimic this reaction.
‬‬‬Play with your kids. Children love playing with their parents. A game of tag perhaps?
‬‬‬Focus on the fun. It is not likely that an 8 year old will find a long colorless jog “fun”. However they may be thrilled to chase a soccer ball for hours. Find a sport that your child resonates with.
‬‬‬Keep in mind to MAKE IT FUN!
‬‬Don’t let the sedentary “trend” catch up with your kids. Do them a favor and keep them active!