Facts That Fit Your Fitness
Novi Trainer Series

Are you finding that the daily grind is causing you to fall away from your New Year fitness resolutions? That’s ok, you’re not alone! People all over the world hit their wall and need the extra boost or guidance to help get them to the next level when it comes to fitness.


American Home Fitness in Novi wants to invite you out to our first Trainer Series event next Sunday, February 22nd at 10am in the American Home Fitness Novi  store. This is a FREE personal training session with an expert local trainer who wants to help set you for success in fitness!


Our featured trainer’s name is Ms. Lola Kuehl. She is the founder of Get Fit training here in Novi and is a certified expert in nutrition and resistance training. Her philosophy is that at no matter what age you are or fitness level you are at, bringing your body back in balance is the key! Cardiovascular work, core strengthening, flexibility, resistance training, all blended with a good diet make up a balanced fitness life style. After talking with Lola, you will be set up on a plan that you can manage with even the busiest of schedules.  


Lola’s approach to this session will be very personal. With a group of 4-6 people, you will get the attention to detail you need to really maximize your time and workout.