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New Year, New You: How to Stick to Your 2015 Weight Loss Resolution

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Are you one of the 47% of Americans who vowed to drop that extra weight in 2015? Year after year weight loss goals top the list of the most common New Years resolutions.


But how many actually follow through?


Studies show that after just one month at least 45% of people have already given up on their commitment to weight loss. After six months, the number is over 60%!


The fact is, the beginning of a new year is a great time to start a fitness regimen. After a seemingly endless string of holiday parties and family get togethers, all fully stocked with delicious, fatty foods, chances are you're not looking and feeling your best when the new year rolls around.


Why is it so challenging for the average person to stick with a diet or fitness regimen?  For most people it comes down to simple luxury few people can afford:




While committing to an hour or more of gym time a few times a week is a noble pursuit, many people find that no matter how hard they try, unexpected obligations will always find a way to keep you away from the gym. Luckily, affordable home fitness equipment makes it easy for anyone to conveniently commit to an exercise regimen without any excuses, and it can easily end up costing less than a gym membership!


Home exercise equipment also solves another common issue that's known to keep newcomers out of the gym.  A lot of people who sign up for gym memberships will visit once or twice, only to discover that working out in a public setting, surrounding by strangers, can be uncomfortable for them.


Home fitness equipment provides all the benefits of a professional gym, with all the privacy of and comforts of home.


If you've decided to make a commitment to your health this year, now is the tine to invest in home fitness equipment that will help you shed those extra pounds, and keep them off for years to come. 


Make 2015 the year you change your life—find an American Home Fitness near you! We're Michigan’s leading provider of high quality home fitness equipment at affordable prices, with seven convenient retail locations and a comprehensive online catalog.