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How to Get the Most out of a Treadmill Workout

Running on a Treadmill


When many people consider working out on a treadmill, they view it as the next best thing to an outdoor jog or run. In reality, treadmills can offer exercise enthusiasts with a far more vigorous workout than they could get outside in most cases. Whether the weather has let you down, or you are unable to get away because you need to listen for a sleeping baby to sound the monitor, you can still get an intense workout in your home using a treadmill.


Sometimes, people complain that treadmills are boring, but with today’s technology, anything can be made fun by plugging in your favorite workout playlist on your MP3 player, or let time pass you by as you exercise while watching your favorite TV show or movie. 


When running outside, it is easy to fall short of goals because we don’t push ourselves hard enough. On treadmills, once you select the desired pace for your workout, you have to keep up. This simple aspect of treadmill workouts can lead to increased fitness when compared to running outside. After learning this, many people find that treadmills are among their favorite pieces of exercise equipment to train with.


Treadmills also allow you to workout with an incline to improve your endurance. Unless you live in a hilly area, this is something you might not be able to experience running outside in your neighborhood. Some older treadmills do not have this capability, but the ability to set the machine to a desired incline is standard on most new models today. Even a slight incline can produce more of an intense workout than simply picking up the pace.


People often have the best intentions, but lose interest in exercising when they have to endure hazardous weather conditions outdoors. Treadmills offer many benefits when compared to running outside, and they can help you take your training to the next level. Whether you’re ready to purchase a treadmill today, or you’d like some help selecting the best treadmill to meet your needs, American Home Fitness is ready to help. Shop today!