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How Does Running on a Treadmill Compare to Running Outside?

Treadmill Workout

When you ask runners whether they prefer running on a treadmill or running outside, they often have a list of reasons why their preferred workout is the superior way to run. In truth, there’s no way of determining whether one is better than the other, as both treadmill and outdoor running have their own benefits. However, since many treadmills enable a runner to program his or her workout, they can simulate a number of the aspects of outdoor workouts that so many runners enjoy enjoy. 


Treadmills are especially ideal for runners who are training to improve their speed. On a treadmill, you can train for speed by alternating between bursts of high speed and slowdown periods that allow your muscle to briefly recover. This method of treadmill training will not only increase your speed, but it can also improve your overall cardiovascular fitness level. 


Many runners enjoy running outside because the changes in the incline of the terrain can help them build the leg muscle that’s needed to increase speed and endurance. Treadmills allow you to do this easily because you can set your desired incline or program a series of incline and declines that can simulate running on a hilly terrain. You can enjoy a workout with a terrain that’s as varied as a golf course or state park without having to worry about the weather putting a damper on your plans. It’s also safer to run on a treadmill instead of an area like this because you eliminate the possibility of tripping on a stick or another obstruction that could lead to an injury. 


Wind resistance is also important to many runners, and those who prefer to run outside often cite this as a reason why they don’t like working out on a treadmill. Fortunately, your treadmill can produce the benefits of wind resistance when you program it at a 1% incline.


Treadmills are one of the most versatile tools that a runner can use for training. Whether you like to run for daily exercise, or you’re training for the next big race, a treadmill can give you all of the benefits of running outside without the inconveniences of inclement weather or dangerous obstructions. At American Home Fitness, our showroom is filled with a variety of commercial and home exercise equipment, including a wide selection of today’s most advanced treadmills. Stop by our showroom today!