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Fighting the Exercise Blues (6 Tips for Exercising in Winter)

The winter can be challenging for maintaining a fitness program. It's colder, the days are shorter, and you're exhausted from holiday stress and activities. Going to the gym seems more like a chore than anything else. The bottom line is that you can find yourself in a winter workout rut.

But rather than sinking into the rut - and potentially staying in it - there are ways to keep you on track, such as those listed here:

1. Go to gym right from work

Packing your gym bag in the morning and having it with you when you leave work will not only save time but also help you avoid the temptation to skip your workout when you go home to change. If it's a weekend or off-day, put your exercise clothes on first thing in the morning to get yourself in the right mindset.

2. Set short-term goals

Create a list of manageable goals that includes things such as how many times you'll work out each week to not snacking after a certain time each evening. Once you begin to regularly accomplish your short-term goals, long-term goals will follow.

3. Embrace the weather

Think of yourself as a top athlete who trains every day and who doesn't stop because the weather is bad and it's easier to stay home. Working out when you don't feel like it not only benefits your physical health but also builds character.

4. Try a new challenge

Keeping your workouts fresh by trying a new fitness class will keep you going when winter blues are knocking on your door. You don't always have to use a treadmill or free weights and the same machines as you always do.

5. Create a home gym

Don't feel like going out? If so, create an inexpensive home gym with a resistance band, free weights, jump rope, and medicine ball. 

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