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Exercise Tips for Staying Fit During the Holidays

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With all the food and drink at family gatherings, it’s no wonder that most people will put on a little bit of weight over the holidays. It can be difficult to stick to a regular exercise routine when work, school, and everything in between seems to get thrown out of normal scheduling during the holiday weeks. However, gaining extra holiday weight doesn’t have to be inevitable, and with a few simple exercising tips, you can keep your figure trim and fit so you won’t have to make guilty resolutions about getting back in shape after New Years.


Set Up a Home Gym


One of the hardest parts about sticking to a healthy fitness plan is combating your own inner excuses for not working out. The shorter days and colder temperatures can make it hard to get out of bed and drag yourself to the gym, and the icy sidewalks can make going for a run way too hazardous. Instead of relying on a gym for your fitness needs, try purchasing some fitness equipment and setting up a gym in the comfort of your home instead. It’s a lot easier to convince yourself to work out when all you have to do is go down to the basement instead of braving freezing temperatures and icy roads.


Get an Action Partner


Get a friend who also wants to stay in shape and stay in contact during the holidays. Challenge each other to beat each other’s bench press weights or treadmill times, and see who can burn the most amount of calories during your respective cardio routines. You’ll stick to a plan a lot more easily if you have a buddy doing it with you.


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