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Elliptigo Road Trip with Tellis and Eric!
This past Saturday, Tellis Everett, our SE Michigan Ellipitgo Guru that works out of our Novi store, joined me in Flint Michigan to participate in the Tour de Crim, a bike ride over the famous “Blue Line” course that marks the well know 10 mile road race, the Bobby Crim Memorial Race, in August each summer.
Sponsored by Health Plus, the event was well attended by over 300 riders equipped with a well-diversified selection of bikes and despite the chilly temperature at the start, everyone was in great spirits. And much to our surprise, we were joined by Lisa Radue and her sweet Orange Elliptigo that she had purchased from our Sterling Heights store last September!
Needless to say, Tellis and I on our red and green Elliptigo’s were certainly garnering quite a bit of attention, with questions about ease of use, climbing hills and availability. Plenty of pictures were taken and brochures requested and handed out.
Once the ride started, we were treated to many hollers by race watchers screaming “Cool Bike!” and “I want one of those!” Intermixed in the ride were 4 obstacles that were more fun than challenging, like the bouncy castle which created more laughter out of us than strain.
At the end of our 10 mile adventure, we were pleasantly treated to a nice concert, a free adult beverage and a sour dough roll, along with a sweet finisher’s medal. All in all, the event took roughly 90 minutes or so to complete (including the obstacle courses) and allowed us to see the famous Crim route in a new way. And after a long day at the office, Tellis and I could put our horses back in the stable till the next ride. Stay tuned for more Elliptigo Adventures!
- Eric