Facts That Fit Your Fitness
Don't Fall Out Of Fitness
It is safe to say that Fall is officially here, with the brisk air in the atmosphere, it is easy to bundle up in a blanket and watch your favorite TV show marathon with a bowl of butter, I mean popcorn next to your side. You could go for a quick run in your fitness oasis you created in your den but you say to yourself “tomorrow I will run twice as long”.
Many of us tend to fall into this trap where “tomorrow” gets pushed back to the day after, then the day after that and then it’s the weekend so that is out of the question and then you have parent teacher conferences followed by planning for the holidays and the so called “tomorrow” turns into a new years resolution. Does this sound familiar?
Think about it, why stress yourself to “loose weight” for a specific occasion. Commit yourself to being healthy for life versus a season. As Halbert Dunn, the father of wellness once said: “Wellness is a process of achieving your full potential in life, health, happiness and productivity”. Think about it..
I could tell you that I have a magic pill that will help you achieve your goals.. but I don’t. And if someone tells you they do, they are lying to you. Your magic pill is staying physically active. At the very minimum engage in any form of physical activity half an hour every day. It can be walking, running, lifting weights, joining a sports league, riding the sweet EliptiGO…ANYTHING. Just get moving!
Be conscious of your daily actions- choose the stairs instead of an elevator, park farther away from the grocery store, eat half of your restaurant portion meal and save the other half for lunch the next day. Small daily changes add up to one big result. I challenge you to try this and I can guarantee you will see a difference in your health if you stick and commit to this lifestyle. Take control of your health and fitness TODAY!
- Karolina