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3 At-Home Dumbbell Exercises That Work

Finding 3 at-home dumbbell exercises that work is a simple request. The things one can do with a dumbbell are numerous and they all work if you are faithful to the task. There are however some more effective higher quality moves. Those exercises are as follows:

AbdominalcCrunches are one great and effective way to workout using only dumbbells. This is done by lying in a semi-supine position on your back. Use both hands to hold a single dumbbell. With arms straightened and pointed toward the ceiling slowly raise your shoulders and back. This will have you concentrating on your upper abdominal muscles.Then while controlling the movement return to the starting position. These abdominal crunches will give you a workout like in the gym.

Squats are another high-quality exercise available to you using only dumbbells. Stand straight shoulders back feet wide apart. With one dumbbell in each hand hold them either on your shoulders or at your sides. Flex at the hips and bend your knees going all the way down into a pretend sitting position. Raise yourself back to standing position while slightly leaning forward with your torso. Return to your initial position without locking your knees at the end of the movement.

The 3-week six-pack is the ultimate cardio and fitness approach to awesome rapid body transformation. Just grab a couple of dumbbells and start your workout. You should have two routines call them workout A and workout B. Do three sessions per week. Do each exercise in workout A for 60 seconds. Rest for 30 seconds between each exercise then go to the next one. Repeat this until you have completed all of workout A. Got to workout B and repeat the same actions with it. You have completed one circuit by completing A and B. Rest at least 60 seconds then complete another circuit. You can complete six circuits each day for three days per week. On the third week, you can turn the entire workout into one big circuit just resting 30 seconds between each exercise.

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