How to Buy Your Equipment

We know that buying your next, or maybe your first, piece of fitness equipment can be stressful, cofusing, and possibly frustrating. We try and take as much of the hassle out of buying as possible. Instead of selling you the most expensive thing in the store, we talk with you about your goals, limitations, past experience, etc before trying to put you into anything. We do this because we want you buy a piece of equipment that you will use and get the most out rather than something that will sit in the corner. Here at American Home Fitnes, we are more concerned with you meeting your goals, not us meeting sales goals.

Trouble with buying "cheap"

We as human beings love to seek out deals. It's fun and exciting. I personally feel a sense of victory when I go to a local store like Target or Bath and Body Works and find a candle which was full price just a few months earlier for half...