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Since 2001, American Home Fitness has been providing quality and professional home fitness equipment. We pride ourselves on being a locally owned and operated business. When you walk into one of our showrooms, our fitness experts go out of their way to ensure that your shopping experience will be both satisfying and energizing. Our wide variety of equipment here is guaranteed to change your life for the better.

Studies documented in the Annals of Behavioral Medicine show that people who are consistent about using their home workout equipment exercise more often than people who actually go to a gym. With no lines to wait in or other gym users to make people feel uncomfortable about their body or workout style, many exercisers are more likely to work out at home. Additional data shows that the majority of gym members continue to pay their memberships but don't actually go to the gym.

For those with a limited range of motion, or recovering from an injury, exercise machines can help with rehabilitation as they retain the normal range of muscle and joint movements without letting the exerciser go overboard or by putting extra stress on the injured area. In addition, a workout using equipment can reduce stress, relieve anxiety and lessen depression.

Exercise Bikes

With all the new technology and exercise equipment available today, many people no longer consider the exercise bike a serious workout option. That's an incorrect assumption. When starting an exercise program, the key to keeping with it is to find something you enjoy and that is easy to do. This makes the stationary bike an obvious choice for beginning exercisers, people who already like to ride, those who get bored easily (they can watch television while doing it) or people with knee, back or joint issues that make higher impact workouts painful or difficult.

A few things to consider before buying a stationary bike include whether you prefer an upright bike or a recumbent style that is pedaled from a reclining position. You also need to consider if you have space for a programmable electronic version or just a small manual bike.


A treadmill is a piece of workout equipment used for walking or running in one place. Treadmills are great for climates where there are cold and wet winters or extremely hot summers. You can walk or run all year round if you are doing it in a climate-controlled space. They are also good for people with aches, pains or injuries as treadmills provide a surface to walk or run on that is much less harsh on the joints than concrete. Treadmills allow you to personalize your workout to the level you desire, where that is often not possible when exercising outside. For instance, if you live in a flat state, it can be difficult to find a tall hill to challenge you, but you can simulate one on your treadmill by setting it on a steep hill setting. This is also a great way to train for races in regions with terrain different from where you live.

Treadmills are often safer than running or walking outside as well. You don't have to worry about inattentive drivers, dog bites or walking or running through an unsafe part of the city.


Affordable Precor Elliptical Lansing MI - American Home Fitness - Elliptigo

Elliptical trainers are growing in popularity because they offer a low-impact workout that exercises both the upper and lower body at the same time. An elliptical is a stationary machine that lets you simulate walking, running or climbing stairs in a small space. The advantage of an Elliptical is that they don't cause excessive pressure to the joints. Because of this low impact workout, many people with injuries or sore joints use them.

Purchasing Home Gym Equipment

Any of the equipment above can make a good foundation for a home gym. If you are considering assembling a gym in your home, American Home Fitness is the place to start. We carry products from fitness industry's leaders including Precor, Octane, Hoist and True. Unlike large department stores, our fitness showrooms are filled with equipment that we encourage you to try. So jump on, give it a spin or a pull and compare models and manufacturers so you know exactly what you need to motivate you to work out more often and more efficiently. Go to our website at for the showroom nearest you.

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We only carry products and equipment from the fitness industry's leaders - tested and approved by our professional staff of fitness trainers and experts. We listen to your goals and fit you to the equipment best suited to help you reach them. We stand behind everything we sell, so you can be confident your purchase is the right one.