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Meet the Staff

A. Evan. Raoof: Store Manager 

A lifetime passion for fitness lead Evan into training and coaching clients for the last 16 years. The passion grew out of necessity. I was born with a form of Cerebral Palsy, wearing a brace on my right leg until the age of 17. Given a choice of a wheel chair or to walk, I chose to work hard to limit the effects of this disability. Finding exercise has given me a passion for soccer, running, cycling, and strength training. Taking physical therapy training in college expanded my foundation; also helping to realize I wanted to advance health and wellness. “We are training for the performance of our lives!” I am committed for you to get the most out of your workouts, educate you on the right exercise equipment, and take the fear out of fitness. It is through education I can support your health and fitness goals. It is through this experience I feel I can help you bring out your personal best.


Degree/ Certification / Qualifications: 

NASM –Personal Trainer, NASM –Corrective Exercise Specialist; GMP Golf Conditioning Specialist, Resistance Training University 1-2; Landmark Coach in training

Ashleigh Cooper: Fitness Consultant

Exercise Equipment Ann Arbor MI - Elliptical, Treadmill, Bike, Bosu Ball - American Home Fitness - Ashleigh Health and Fitness has always been an interest of Ashleigh's ever since she was a teenager in high school. It wasn't until college that she really started focusing on diet and making exercise a daily routine.

Ashleigh graduated from Eastern Michigan University with a Bachelors degree in Business Management with a Human Resources concentration. Since graduation, she has been working on incorporating skills that she has obtained from her studies into pursuing a business in personal training and owning her own fitness facility.

"Working for American Home Fitness is a great opportunity for me to interact with customers, learn about their fitness needs, and help them find solutions to meet their goals. What I enjoy the most about my job is learning about the various types of equipment and their functions. American Home Fitness is a rewarding place to work because it provides me with the opportunity to share the knowledge that I've learned with those who walk through our doors every day".