The Number One Selling Elliptical Brand Today

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Since 2003, Octane Fitness has won 48 Best Buy awards from consumer magazines and trade publications. Fueled by relentless passion to offer the best ellitpical machines loaded with unique features, Octane delivers comfortale, motivating, efficient, and effective workouts that give you the results you seek.

Only Octane offers: 

Sit or Stand - Choose a traditional standing elliptical or xRide, the industry's first seated elliptical
CROSS CIRCUIT+ or standing ellitpicals - Ultimate timesaver with combined cardio and strength
PowerStroke Technology on the xRide - Stimulates 343% more glute activity and burns 23% more calories compared to a rcumbent bike
Customizable Program - Deliver you workout, Your Way
Bottom Line: If you want the best, you want Octane

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