Exercise Equipment For Beginners-What Is The Best?

Creating a workout space in your home is a terrific way to start getting into shape. Physical fitness comes with many benefits that include more energy, better heart health and an improved self-image. It’s important to start with some basic exercise equipment and add to your home gym as you reach the intermediate workout stages. So, let’s start with standard equipment.

Cardio Punching Bag

Hitting the bag is a full fitness workout. You can get one that hangs from a rafter or has a heavy floor base. Start with a boxing workout of 20 jabs then a 5-second rest. Then 5 right hooks, rest, 5 left hooks, rest. Although ultimate fighting may be popular, wait to incorporate leg kicks until you feel ready. This workout will tone your upper body and enhance your endurance.

Exercise Mat

A fit body is a flexible body and a mat will come in handy to stretch and do yoga. You can also use this to do push-ups, sit-ups and other movements.

Air Bike

Cardiovascular health is a key to getting fit and the air bike is small enough to fit in any room. The harder you pedal, the stronger the resistance. That means you can up the tension and tone the legs at your own pace. 

Free Weights

A good barbell and dumbbell setups are fundamental strength and fitness items. With this equipment, you’ll be able to do a variety of movements including arm curls, bent rows, overhead presses and many others. Free weights are great for toning and building muscle.

Adjustable Weight Bench

Now that you have the free weights, you can add several chest movements with a bench. Flat and incline bench presses will build the lower and upper pectorals. You’ll be able to do dumbbell flies to stretch and tone them. The bench can also be utilized for calisthenics such as leg raises and ab crunches. 

Weight Belt

It’s important to have a form-fitting weight belt to provide proper back support when training. Select one that fits snugly, but doesn’t significantly impede movement. Always wear a belt. You won’t be getting into very good shape if you’re laid up with a sore back.

Once you’ve assembled your home gym, don’t hesitate to get the advice of fitness experts or enlist the help of a personal trainer.

For more information on fitness equipment, contact the team at American Home Fitness today.

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