For us at American Home Fitness, you and your family’s health and fitness are too important…

Too Important to Trust an Unknown, Untested Product

At American Home Fitness, we carry products from the fitness industry’s leaders- brands such as Precor, Octane, Hoist and True – companies that manufacture products for demanding commercial settings. These treadmills, ellipticals, home gyms and exercise bikes will perform up to club-quality standards, delivering a challenging and energetic workout that leaves you reinvigorated and ready to take on the day!

Too Important Not to Invest Your Time and Resources

Unlike large department stores, the American Home Fitness locations are designed to provide you with a comfortable setting to spend time in. Our fitness showrooms are filled with equipment with the intention for you to jump on, try and compare between models and manufacturers.
We WANT you to spend the time with us and the products, finding just the right piece that will fit your needs and your budget. And don’t worry about the sweat. We’ll clean the machine up for the next guest and hand you a water bottle to help cool down.

Too Important Not to Ask All the Questions

The way your body works and exerts itself can be a complicated process. The way to achieve your fitness goals can be just as hard to figure out. WE GET THAT. This is why our team of fitness professionals is not only fully trained by the manufacturers but is passionate about fitness and exercise. Some hold degrees in exercise science. Many are certified personal trainers, triathletes and distance runners. We live and breathe fitness. We WANT to hear all of your questions and concerns because that is how we can determine the best recipe for your success.

Too Important Not to Discover All Your Options

With Michigan’s largest selection of fitness products, the American Home Fitness showrooms are a proverbial playground of fitness. Whether trying and comparing over a dozen treadmill models, experimenting with the industry’s top two elliptical brands- Precor and Octane, or trying your hand at functional training gyms, you will have at your access many options to play with and consider. And sometimes your biggest fitness results come in the smallest of packages. Fitness accessories from GoFit, the Bosu Ball and Modern Movement M-Boards can add that special twist that turns your workout from good to great!

Too Important Not to Continue the Journey to Your Next Goal

And when you’re ready to go to the next level, or climb over that next plateau, we’re here for you … to answer your questions, offer up new workout strategies, or mix in a new workout program. We know that a healthy and fit lifestyle is more than a 90 day challenge; it’s a life-long commitment to be active, eat nutritiously and stay strong.
Because at the end of our day, the real reason behind our success is you - your fitness goals and your aspirations for a healthy lifestyle. All those things listed above, from quality equipment to clean and well equipped stores, to passionate fitness experts, work towards providing you the best resources in helping you succeed in living a healthy and fulfilling life! Because when you succeed, you inspire us to help you move on to your next goal and help others do the same thing.

As Michigan’s leading supplier of quality home fitness equipment, American Home Fitness has built its business on the success of our customers.

Whether looking to shape up their figure or training for their first 5k running event, our customers know that we are ready to help them with their goals, from selecting the proper equipment to establishing a game plan to get them to their personal goal line. It’s no wonder that our single biggest source of new business is positive customer referrals.
Founded in 2001 and locally owned and operated, American Home Fitness understands and values its responsibility to the local communities that it operates in. Whether operating a Water Station in the Macomb Festival of Races in Mount Clemens, Michigan, hosting a activity spot for the Michigan Heart Chase Wellness event in Rochester, Michigan, or sponsoring of the American Home Fitness 5k in Detroit, American Home Fitness and its employees enjoy helping the community be well and active.
When you walk into an American Home Fitness showroom, our fitness experts will ensure your shopping experience will be both comfortable and energizing, with an offering of fitness equipment that can change your life. The American Home Fitness staff is eager to learn more about your fitness goals and objectives. Whether credentialed in personal training, degreed in exercise science, or experienced endurance athletes, our staff is equipped with a broad base of knowledge on how the body works and responds to exercise in a way that will help you accomplish your fitness goals. 
Once we’ve learned about your goals and objectives, the staff at American Home Fitness will be excited to show you the best home fitness equipment under one roof in the state of Michigan. With industry leaders such as Precor, Octane Fitness, True treadmills and Hoist Strength Systems, American Home Fitness has the products that will go the distance for you, offering up a quality workout each and every time you get on the machine.
And when you’re ready to go to the next level, American Home Fitness is here for you - to answer your questions, offer up new workout strategies, or mix in a new workout program. We know that a healthy and fit lifestyle is more than a 90-day challenge – it’s a life-long commitment to be active, eat nutritiously and stay strong. At American Home Fitness, we’re ready, willing and able to help you accept this mission and support you throughout life’s journey.